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Data Searches

Data Searches

BMERC offers two types of data searches:Img 0161 CLOUDED YELLOW BUTTERFLY COLLEGE LAKE 280816Edited 7X5

  • Commercial - from consultants, solicitors, local authorities, landowners and developers seeking information for development or commercial management of land.  There is a normally a charge for these searches.
  • Non-commercial - from members of the public, volunteer wildlife recorders, landowners looking to manage their land for nature conservation, students and other researchers.  There is usually no charge for these searches.

All Data searches are subject to our Terms and Conditions and can be ordered using the Data Search Request Form

Commercial Data Searches

We now offer standard pre-priced data search packages, so you can simply select a package and any optional extras and place an order, without waiting for a quote.  Based on your helpful feedback, we have recently added some additional options, so make sure you download a new form.  

The packages on offer are:

  • Standard 1km search, including sites, species and habitats     £105 + VAT
  • Standard 2km search, including sites, species and habitats     £150 + VAT
  • Optional addition of 2km bat records                                           £25 + VAT
  • Optional addition of 5km bat records                                           £30 + VAT
  • Optional addition of 10km bat records                                         £40 + VAT
  • Optional - receive records in Excel format                                   £25 + VAT

All the above are on a standard 10 working day turnaround.  A priority search, with a 5 working day turnaround, when available, can also be ordered for a 50% price premium. 

Please note this means that selecting and submitting a Standard Data Search will constitute a binding contract, i.e. you will be placing an order a data search and we commit to supply the data we hold under the Terms and Conditions specified in the Data Search Request Form

Please ensure you have appropriate authorisation before submitting an order. 

If your company requires a purchase order, please ensure this is included otherwise delivery of the report may be delayed until this is supplied. 

If the packages above do not meet your needs, custom data searches are also available. Simply specify your requirements on the Data Search Request Form.  Our rates for custom searches as follows:


Rates from 12th November 2018

Hourly rate


Daily rate


The charges cover the cost of compiling and supplying reports, which includes a contribution to collating and maintaining our databases. There is no charge for the actual data.  All commercial data searches are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Non-commercial Data Searches

We do not usually charge for non-commercial data searches. However, if a data search takes several hours to complete or involves high printing or postage costs a small charge may be levied.

Completing the Data Search Request Form

Search area: Specify the area you want data for, usually covers a specific area or a selected site, this can be done in number of ways:

  • A point with a specified buffer (usually 1 or 2 km). Please provide an accurate grid reference. (Note: If you supply an inaccurate grid reference, you will be charged to run the search again.)
  • A site boundary on a pdf a map clearly highlighting the area you are interested in and a specified buffer.  An accurate grid reference helps us to locate the site quickly.
  • A GIS shapefile containing the search area you require.  Please ensure this is an enclosed polygon.
  • Other area, e.g. specific OS grid squares.

Data: We can provide the following data:

  • Statutory site map(s) Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), National Nature Reserves (NNRs), Local Nature Reserves (LNRs)
  • Non-statutory site map(s) and reports and descriptions where they exist for all the following; Local Wildlife Sites (LWS), Local Geological Sites (LGS), Biological Notification Sites (BNS) and Milton Keynes Wildlife Corridors.
  • Habitats of Principal Importance map(s) UK BAP Priority Habitats; data from county-wide habitat mapping project (Bucks CC), including Ancient Woodlands (Ancient & Semi-natural Woodland and Replanted Ancient Woodland sites).
  • Notable species (includes Protect species, Species of Principal Importance, Red Data Book,  Nationally Scarce, Birds of Conservation Concern, Locally import species etc.).  List of species recorded by site since 1990 with the year last recorded.
    • Or Protected and Species of Principal Importance records can be provided
    • Or Protected Species records can be provided

(For all of the above species groups, any Water Vole key areas will be provided if applicable.)Peregrine Over Aylesbury C Neil Fletcher

If you would like details of protected species records you must complete the section of the Information Request Form about your reason for requesting data and what the data will be used for in as much detail as possible. This helps us to determine legitimate requests. Please note that we will not release records where it might be to the detriment of wildlife or where we suspect that the information will be used to interfere illegally with protected species.

Format of data provided

The standard output report is provided in portable document format (.pdf) format.  

Information can be provided in other formats, e.g. GIS shapefiles or Excel, however, this usually requires a Digital Data Licence.  Please use the custom Data Search section of the form to request this. 

We can also provide distribution maps and general information about a habitat or species (drawn from published sources). If you wish to obtain large datasets or computerised information please contact us.


BMERC does not provide planning advice and will not offer an opinion as to whether a planning application should be approved or accepted

For more information call 01296 382431 or email erc@buckscc.gov.uk