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What's in Bucks and MK

What's in Bucks and MK


In Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes we are fortunate to have a rich diversity of geology, habitats and species.

In the North of the County, the Greensand Ridge has sandy soils that support heathland and acid grassland, whereas the rolling fields in Aylesbury Vale contain fens and wet meadows. The chalk hills of the Chilterns support calcareous grassland and further south the Reading Beds give rise to acidic soils that support the County's only National Nature Reserve, Burnham Beeches. 

The diverse range of species in Bucks and MK includes those that we see every day, such as Blackbirds and Hawthorn, to very rare species, such as Fringed Gentian, which is found at only one location in Buckinghamshire.

To give you an idea of how much diversity there is in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes we have transferred a small amount of the information stored on our database to an on-line search facility.

At the Environmental Records Centre we are commonly asked two types of question:

"Please can you tell me about a particular site?"
"Please can you tell me where a species is found?"

The two search options below will allow you to do this and find out about a handful of sites and species in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

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 Use this to find out about the geology, habitats and species of twelve publicly accessible sites.

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